More than, 400,000 people go hungry in Quebec each month 150,000 of whom are children.


Meals and snacks

387,195 food baskets, 1,000,152 meals and 499,614 snacks are served monthly to hungry Quebecers.

+33.7 %

Of requests

Food assistance organizations have registered a 33.7 % increase in requests since the last recession in 2008.

15.1 %

of new users

15.1 % of monthly users were served for the first time.


Families with children represent approximately half of households that received assistance last year.


47.4 % of organizations

Nearly half of organizations had not enough food to fulfill the request for food assistance in 2017.


requests for emergency help

The Quebec food assistance network processes, on average, nearly 1.9 million requests for emergency food assistance per month.

More than one third

of the requests are for children

34.1% of the food assistance requests are for children.

11.2 % of those who receive assistance from the food bank have income from a current or recent job that is insufficient to meet the cost of living.

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