Food Banks of Quebec relies on the support of numerous Quebec personalities, some of whom choose to advocate for our cause on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. This is the case with our spokesperson, Josélito Michaud, who proudly defends access to food security for all Quebecers.

Josélito Michaud

Donate because it’s the right thing to do. No matter who we are, our standing in society, the colour of our skin, or our gender, we are all confronted with obstacles—large and small. Bad things can happen in life; we can easily be knocked down. We may find ourselves thinking we can’t cope any longer. This doesn’t make us any less valuable—it just makes us human. We each have our cross to bear, our Mount Everest to climb. We mustn’t judge the trials and tribulations of others. It’s enough to simply show compassion.

But, while life can be tough, it can also inspire us to continue on our journey. Food Banks of Quebec accompanies people in need on this long and winding road by giving them the essentials they need to travel the extra mile—the one that could make all the difference.

The greats of this world are fond of saying that we need to dream big, hope for the best, aim for the stars, never settle, and never give up. That’s easier said than done on an empty stomach.

Right now in Québec, the face of poverty is changing. Every month, more than 400,000 people go hungry, and this is happening in our own neighbourhoods, even in our own backyards. Fortunately, many people manage to escape poverty, to bounce back after being knocked down, bolstered by a strength they never knew they possessed and shielded from adversity by their resilience. And your donations can make a world of difference.

As the spokesperson for Food Banks of Quebec, I am reaching out to you so that, together, we can reduce the number of people who are unable to meet the basic, fundamental need of feeding themselves. Great things can be achieved through small gestures—including giving, which is so very satisfying when you expect nothing in return.

Josélito Michaud Signature
Josélito MichaudSpokesperson