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A large network of regional organizations

Food Banks of Quebec is a large network of regional organizations that distribute food, in addition to offering food assistance services to the population in all regions of Quebec. This vast network consists of 19 Moisson members and 11 Associate members that supply nearly 1,200 local organizations. They are all charitable organizations recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency and governed by a charter and a board of directors.

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Moisson Members

Moisson members are regional food banks that act as regional food sorting and redistribution centres. They have significant resources at their disposal, redistributing at least 75% of food to local organizations and 25% as groceries to people in need. They actively solicit local and regional food suppliers.

Associate Members

Associate members are local organizations that offer food assistance services in a specific region. For the most part, they are located in the northern regions of the province. They actively solicit local and regional food suppliers.

Affiliated Members

Affiliated members are local food assistance organizations, such as service counters, community restaurants or food banks, accredited by a Moisson member in the region. Consult the map in order to find the closest member.

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