Supermarket Recovery Program

The Supermarket Recovery Program (SRP) is the first of its kind in Canada and offers a unique and sustainable solution to the problems of food waste and food insecurity, in partnership with food retailers. The operational model is based on a pilot project conducted by Moisson Montreal over a two year test period and respects of the requirements of the supermarket retailers and ensure that consumers are protected. The Food Banks of Quebec network is coordinating the rollout of the SRP with its member Moisson throughout Quebec.


The Supermarket Recovery Program is intended as a large scale society project that will benefit the 400,000 people, including 150,000 children who, each month, have no choice but to turn to a food program for help.

The SRP offers a win-win situation for both supermarkets and families living in poverty by stopping products that are still edible from being wasted and helping to feed those in need. This program was made possible in part by a $395,200 grant from Recyc-Quebec, as part of their ongoing program to reduce food waste, and with the precious collaboration of Provigo, Maxi, Metro, Super C and IGA stores.


In 2015, the SRP pilot program started in other regions of Quebec. Then, at the end of 2016, the program was expanded into several regions and a dedicated resource was allocated to accompany our members for warehouse upgrades, planned solicitations and trainings for supermarket employees.  The province-wide launch took place in 2017.

In 2016, the pilot project resulted in the recovery of almost 2.5 million kg of food from 177 supermarkets, representing a market value of almost $20 million. Our project also allowed a reduction of more than 2,000 tons of eqCO2 of greenhouse gases. When fully functional, the program will recover approximately 8.5 million kg of food annually in 645 supermarkets, thereby avoiding more than 7,500 tons of eqCO2 of greenhouse gases each year – the equivalent of taking 1,600 cars off the road!


Food Banks of Quebec’s members need more equipment to accommodate the collection of perishable food from supermarkets across the province. Refrigerated trucks, collection bins, freezers, wrapping materials, cleaning and food safety equipment and many other items are needed to further expand the program’s capacity.

We are looking for donors and partners, who are interested in either providing funding, equipment or offering special pricing.