Récolte communautaire Québec Program

The Récolte communautaire Québec Program, with the financial support of the Direction de la Santé publique (MSSS), aims to provide fresh produce to food assistance organizations year round, through a partnership between Quebec’s farmers of which Moissoneurs solidaires and Food Banks of Quebec.

  • More than

    + 458,000 kg

    of vegetables were collected in 2015.

  • 2 922 526 kg

    of vegetables have been collected since the program was created.

Program priority

Food security for people living in poverty

  • Improve food quality for hundreds of thousands of food assistance recipients through access to fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Increase the amount of fresh produce distributed to people living in poverty, through all members of Food Banks of Quebec;
  • Ensure a steady supply to members of Food Banks of Quebec from dedicated producers;
  • Ensure the program’s sustainability by implementing a simple, low-cost harvesting and redistribution structure;
  • Actively involve the food assistance recipients (harvesting) and educate them on the process (pre-harvesting information sessions) in all regions covered by the network.

To participate in the program, contact our team by phone at 1-877-478-4040 or by email at info@banquesalimentaires.org.