Food Exchange

Launched in 2013, the Food Exchange is a simple, online donation platform that allows suppliers and producers to quickly donate their surplus or a portion of their production. The pick-up is coordinated and carried out by the organization nearest to your business, quickly and efficiently (all donations are tracked).

Through the platform, suppliers and producers can now provide details of their product offer with just a few keystrokes: product type, quantity, location, pick-up deadline, etc. This information will be published automatically and the stakeholders informed by email.

The Food Exchange not only improves efficacy for the network, it also fosters the hope that more people will be inclined to give because of the simplicity and traceability of the donation process. Your donations are important and help us to feed more than 400,000 hungry Quebecers each month, including 150,000 children.

In 2015, following the creation of the Food Exchange, Food Banks of Quebec was awarded the Provincial food association innovation award by Food Banks Canada.

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