More than $3 million donated in six years!

A large number of Quebecers recently answered the call to support food assistance by visiting an SAQ store to take part in the Generous Wine Weekend.

Customers’ donations combined with the SAQ’s contribution of $1 for each bottle of white wine sold mean that a cheque for $705,456 will soon be presented to Food Banks of Quebec. The funds raised will be distributed to the 19 Moissons and their associate organizations throughout Quebec.

A white wine for a good cause

“The SAQ has made food assistance its cause and we are very pleased that our customers have risen to the challenge once again this year,” said Alain Brunet, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ. “This response is especially important because the campaign takes place at a time of the year when food bank inventories are at their lowest.”

“The SAQ’s contribution and that of its customers is the largest cash donation we receive each year,” said Zakary O. Rhissa, General Manager, Food Banks of Quebec. “This campaign is vitally important for our network of 19 Moissons and 1,064 community organizations across Quebec, which receive more than 1.7 million requests for emergency food assistance every month. For our organization, receiving $1 allows us to provide three meals. The SAQ’s support enables us to help 400,000 needy individuals who don’t always get enough to eat.”