Food Donations

The Moisson and Associate members distribute food to some 1200 accredited food assistance organizations, which accept all donations based on their transportation and storage capacities. Thanks to the support of our donors, the network is able to distribute quality food to several thousands of Quebecers every day.

Individual donations

Any food donation can make a difference in offering healthy food to Quebec families living in poverty. If you wish to donate food to Food Banks of Quebec, we encourage you to consult our map to locate the organization closest to you.

Company, producer or supplier donations

It is now easier than ever for companies, producers and suppliers to donate food. Our new platform is an original initiative of Toucan Solutions to channel offers of solidarity.


Surplus production and dedicated donation

Donating to Food Banks of Quebec is a reliable and secure way to dispose of surplus production or to make a planned donation through a dedicated production run. In return, Food Banks of Quebec agrees to comply with the following points:

  • Quickly reply to offers of food donations;
  • Transport, handle, and store merchandise in compliance with industry traceability, hygiene, and food safety practices;
  • Distribute the products received to member organizations at no cost;
  • Administer food distribution efficiently, transparently, and fairly;
  • Upon request, issue tax receipts;

Food donations include perishable, non-perishable, frozen, and other kinds of food products sourced from:

  • Surplus inventory;
  • Packaging or labelling errors;
  • Imperfections or minor errors in the recipe;
  • Products damaged during transportation or handling;
  • Dispatching errors or returned merchandise;
  • Restarting a production line;
  • Expiration dates that are too close;
  • Dedicated production run donation;

Dedicated donation

The commitment of a dedicated production run donation can take many forms:

  • A period of time within a production run (minutes, hours, a day);
  • A percentage of a production run based on terms agreed upon between the business and Food Banks of Quebec.

Donations of support services (transportation, printing, etc.) or professional services (legal, accounting advice, etc.) are another way to effectively contribute to the success of our mission.

I have three kids and a sick husband, so I have to provide for my family. The food bank helps me feed the whole family.

- Nathalie, helped by a food bank associated with Moisson Québec