Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to donate food to an organization. Whom should I contact?

    For regional donations, contact the member closest to you; for national donations, contact us by email at or by telephone at 1‑877‑478‑4040.

  • I am a recent immigrant/student/social assistance recipient/unemployed. I’m running low on food and don’t have enough money to buy groceries. Whom should I contact?

    There are various organizations across Quebec that provide food assistance. We encourage you to reach out to the member closest to you for help.

  • I live in the Côte-Nord region; is there a food bank there?

    There are many food assistance organizations throughout Quebec, in particular in Côte‑Nord, but still no regional members; see the map or contact us for more information.

  • Sometimes, we hear that the food banks are empty, while other times we hear about a surge in donations. What’s really going on with food assistance organizations in Quebec?

    The situation is constantly evolving and differs from region to region. Food Banks of Quebec gathers together food assistance stakeholders to ensure the fair distribution of food. Contact us for more information.

  • What do the food banks in Quebec need most?

    Needs vary depending on the region, but the logistical costs of food banks generate financial needs. For every $1 donated, $12 worth of food—the equivalent of three full meals—is made and distributed to families living in poverty  Click here to help us.

    The following food items are always needed:

    • Pasta and rice
    • Canned meat and fish
    • Powdered and canned soups and stews
    • Canned fruits and vegetables
    • Flour
    • Breakfast cereal
    • Peanut butter
    • Canned and powdered milk
    • Fruit juice
    • Pasta sauce
    • Beans and legumes
    • Infant formula and baby food
  • I am a non-profit organization, a food counter, or a community kitchen. How can I become a member of the network?

    If you are supplied by one of Food Banks of Quebec’s Moisson members, you are already an Affiliate member of the network. Make sure your organization appears on the interactive map.

    If you wish to become a Moisson member or an Associate member, contact us at 1‑877‑478‑4040.

    If you wish to become an Affiliate member, contact the Moisson closest to your organization.

  • Why a $1 donation = 3 meals?

    With a $ 1 donation, we can recover 1.5 kg of food. An average portion for an adult is 0.5 kg of food. So $1 donation = 1.5 kg = 3 meals.