Provincial campaign

Coriandr campaign with FBQ

In its quest to reduce food waste at home, Coriandr is proud to announce its partnership with the Food Banks of Quebec network. By providing access to a culinary search engine, Coriandr allows its users to compose quick recipes according to the ingredients they have. Their preferences and other dietary restrictions are taken into account to obtain personalized results.

Coriandr offers a simple, fast and efficient solution that integrates into the daily lives of its users regardless of their situation. To this end, Coriandr will also be able to help people with limited means, some of whom must use the Quebec Food Banks network, to compose meals with what they have on hand.

The Coriandr campaign also aims to facilitate donations of food or cash to Food Banks of Quebec to support their activities and allow thousands of people to feed themselves. With a single click, you can make a difference in the lives of many people.

Give generously!

David B-Potvin

Founder of Coriandr

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