100,000 Delissio pizzas for the benefit of the Food Banks of Quebec

For each Delissio Rustico pizza sold, Nestlé Canada will donate one to families in need

From November 9 to 15, for each Delissio Rustico pizza purchased, Nestlé Canada is committed to donating a pizza to the Quebec Food Banks (BAQ) network, up to a maximum of 100,000 frozen pizzas. Quebeckers are therefore invited to participate in large numbers in support of the Food Banks, which feed 400,000 people each month. To be a part of it, simply visit one of the participating retailers, IGA, Metro, and Walmart, throughout Quebec.


Delissio pizza, for a good cause

In partnership with Nestlé Canada, these retailers have agreed to participate in this collective effort to support food aid organizations across the province. Thanks to this initiative, nearly 100,000 frozen pizzas could be redistributed to families in need.

“This gift from Nestlé Canada will make a difference for our network that help thousands of people in need. We hope that Quebecers will participate in large numbers in this campaign and will share 100,000 pizzas throughout Quebec!“. says Annie Gauvin, Executive Director, Food Banks of Québec.

Food insecurity, a real problem in Quebec

The Quebec Food Banks represent a large network of regional organizations (19 Moisson members, 11 Associate members and 1,200 local organizations) that deal with the distribution of food, in addition to offering food aid services to the population in each of the regions of Quebec. More than 372,000 baskets of provisions, as well as nearly 1,500,000 meals and snacks are served to Quebecers. The food aid network is responding on average to nearly 1.8 million emergency food requests per month. Unfortunately, due to a lack of food to distribute and an increase in the number of families in precarious situations, almost half of the organizations lack food to respond to all the requests for help received.

“We are very proud to support Les Banques Alimentaires du Québec,” said Mark Cecchetto, Business Executive Officer for the Foods Division of Nestlé Canada. “We believe that sharing a meal is a fundamental part of human society, and what better meal than pizza to bring people together? Too many Quebecers face difficult circumstances. We are pleased to be able to do a small part to help people connect over Pizza Night.”

In order to raise Quebeckers’ awareness of the cause and encourage them to participate in the movement, an integrated communication campaign will be deployed in the coming days through traditional media (radio, billboards and digital), social networks, as well as at all retailers.